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Kathrin Martin

That is SO COOL!  Way to up the ante on linking classwork to the VERY real world.  You are doing amazing things with your company, and I want you to know that…

Kathrin Martin Teacher

Irma Kennedy

I love your site and think I can actually teach this film class now. 🙂

Irma Kennedy Teacher

Jackson Westenskow

Thanks for what you’re doing for education.  It’s pushing me in a lot of great ways.

Jackson Westenskow Teacher

Diane Bull

I have to let you know that I have started using the curriculum this year and the kids, and I love it!  I actually feel like I know something.

Diane Bull Teacher

Wesley Williams Jr.

Best training in 19 years!

Wesley Williams Jr. Teacher

Paul Grzybowski

Every evening I would think, “What will they do for an encore.” and each day after, I was amazed.  Things got cooler and cooler.  This opportunity offered a taste of everything…

Paul Grzybowski Teacher

Sheila McMurry

Just attended one of the best workshops ever in my 20 years of teaching – Sneak on the Lot – amazing- my head is filled with tons of ideas –…

Sheila McMurry Teacher

Karline Clark

Invaluable.  Thanks so much! Everything happens so fast, my brain has been overwhelmed and is whirling.  I just hope that my brain retains as much as possible to pass on to the…

Karline Clark Teacher

Scott Smith

The Sneak on the Lot Summer Workshop was the most valuable experience of any teacher training I’ve ever had. After attending the SOTL workshop, I completely repaced my curriculum to…

Scott Smith Teacher

Vicki Steffenhagen

It’s a lot of work but well worth it. How can we expect our students to do this without experiencing it ourselves?

Vicki Steffenhagen Teacher

Monique Gaudin

Thanks Sneak On The Lot!!!  Best Summer training EVER!!!! Whether an experienced film & video production teacher or just starting out, there is so much depth and a wide breath of…

Monique Gaudin Administrator

Steve New

There were so many elements of this week that were so amazing it’s hard to pick a favorite part but I would have to say that the production day was…

Steve New Teacher

Charles Aldridge

Man, listen, I'm still sharing my summer workshop experience with my students and colleagues! The camp was awesome, and I really appreciate the opportunity you gave me to get me there. You guys are awesome!

Charles Aldridge Teacher

Perry Mcleod

Go! – the experience changes the way you think about filmmaking – story building and production.

Perry Mcleod Teacher

The experiences that I had at the Sneak On The Lot Workshop gave me such a richer knowledge of the industry. From scriptwriting to editing, I feel like I have much more to offer my students. I have never learned so much while having so much fun! Thanks Guys! You’re the best.

Pamela Foley Teacher

What an unreal week...in my wildest dreams I could not have pictured this week...thank you

Susan Whisler-Wendt Teacher

Lisa Fuller

Go! It’s an incredible workshop where you have the opportunity to learn as much as you desire from true industry professionals who are willing to share their knowledge with beginners.

Lisa Fuller Teacher

The Sneak On The Lot experience was an outstanding, eye opening experience that I will take back to the classroom with excitement.

Amy McClure Teacher

Don Goble

Once we became introduced to Sneak On The Lot, we knew we had a partner for life. So during the past 2 years, over 40 Ladue High School students have taken part in the curriculum. Without a doubt, Sneak On The Lot has helped boost interest in our program, educated our film students immensely, and student interest in our film classes is at an all-time high! I have 3 Seniors who just graduated and will be attending film school in the fall. Sneak On The Lot was a MAIN component of their successful admission into their chosen colleges

Don Goble Teacher

Thanks so much for your time, guidance, and encouragement. I think I speak for all the teachers and students who will be involved with the Sneak On The Lot courses, in that this will be a fantastic experience.

Dan Maguire Teacher

Michael Barber

Needless to say, we were really impressed. Thank you for taking the time to work with us. This is a great opportunity for our school and students.

Michael Barber Administrator

Frank Vanderslice

The support and cooperation I received from Sneak On The Lot was tremendous. Whether on the phone or through email my questions were quickly answered in a professional way.
The people at Sneak On The Lot truly want the interface to work for you and to help you in your classroom. I can’t say enough about Chet Thomas and his personal interest in making sure I succeed with the delivery of the content of the curriculum. Two thumbs up Sneak On The Lot!

Frank Vanderslice Teacher

Betty Lawrence

My students and I are excited about the Sneak On The Lot curriculum and video projects we plan to undertake this year. The Sneak On The Lot summer workshop training has made video come to life for me and my students!! Thank you for providing such a great Learning Experience!!

Betty Lawrence Teacher

Tal Farnham

Great experience. Do what you need to do try and get here...

Tal Farnham Teacher

It was like boot camp for the movie industry. Plan on having your head explode a little the first day on set.

Wade Williams Teacher

Andrew Atwell

Without Sneak On The Lot I would never have finished my first feature film in high school.

Andrew Atwell Filmmaker

Steve Christensen

Sneak On The Lot has given me opportunity after opportunity in my career. I owe a great deal of my start to that program.

Steve Christensen Filmmaker

Gina Clark

We just held our Film Festival in front of 250 people from the local community – thanks for a wonderful curriculum.

Gina Clark Teacher

Trent Jones

Our program has won double digit awards in our region and state for our film program. We crank out approx 6 short 5-30 minute films every 6 six weeks. So thank you for all the opportunities you guys give us!

Trent Jones Teacher

Michael Hughes

We chose Sneak On The Lot because it was created by professional filmmakers. It uses everything that we want to teach the kids on an academic level.

Michael Hughes Administrator

Peter Tobyansen

I’ve never seen anything like this on the web, I had a blast.

Peter Tobyansen Filmmaker

Charles Segars

Fletch and Chet have truly developed a new and entertaining way of delivering content on the web. I could spend hours just poking around the site looking for new talent.

Charles Segars Filmmaker

James Brown

An invaluable experience if you are using motion media in your classroom.

James Brown Teacher

JoAnne VerMulm

I had an absolutely fabulous time and the experience will be invaluable to my teaching. The exposure we received on an actual set and the knowledge gained in talking with professionals gives us a foundation with which to build our lessons.

JoAnne VerMulm Teacher

Russ Wilcox

This training was worth every last cent...I was completely awestruck

Russ Wilcox Teacher

Coleen Moskowitz

The site has become a tremendous asset in teaching film and video production. I highly recommend using it.

Coleen Moskowitz Teacher

Mike Lucas

In 19 years of teaching film and multimedia, I have never seen a simple curriculum that can compare to Sneak On The Lot.

Mike Lucas Teacher

Dayna Stevens

GO!  There is no better way to see the industry first hand + have someone walk you through the process while feeling you are a part of it.

Dayna Stevens Teacher

Kevin Olsen

I would absolutely recommend this workshop.  You can't get this experience anywhere else.

Kevin Olsen Teacher

Scott Cundiff

Wow! What a week. I have learned so much and now I will take it home and apply it in my classroom!

Scott Cundiff Teacher

Bryce Hatch

The most incredible video/film workshop I’ve ever been to! Learn the entire process of student filmmaking from story development to distribution. You will benefit your students for years to come.

Bryce Hatch Teacher

Troy Buller

Sneak On The Lot puled back the curtain and exposed the true magic of how films are crafted.

Troy Buller Teacher

Steven Chin

Great workshop. Amazing people to work with. It’s hard to find an extensive and accessible workshop about the production of film for teachers but it is even more of a rarity to find such genuine people that love so much about education and student growth.

Steven Chin Teacher

Shawna Bernard

I would do this every single year if I could. Not only do you meet amazing and knowledgeable facilitators, you will make connections with other media teachers. The resources, contacts and instruction are invaluable. After 18 years of teaching, I have never attended professional development that has impacted me more. It was worth every second of my time.

Shawna Bernard Teacher

Kip Sweikert

What an amazing experience...to be surrounded by so much talent at Sneak On The Lot. This workshop is incredible-one I will never forget. Chet & Fletch are superstars in my book!

Kip Sweikert Teacher

Toni Jacobs

Do it, no excuses. This experience is worth every second. Become the teacher your students need you to be.

Toni Jacobs Teacher

Kathleen Smith

Getting to know development, pre-production, production, post production…yes please. Sign me up! This experience has been an eye opening opportunity to see filmmaking in LA. For this Kansas teacher the experience is priceless. I will now be able to teach my students with first hand knowledge of the Hollywood experience!

Kathleen Smith Teacher

Dewey Compton

This workshop provides the two most important things in life; hands-on film skills and relationships. His Logline of the experience: Leary film teachers from across the country embark on a journey to make a short film as they learn more than they thought they ever would.

Dewey Compton Teacher

Monica Perez

As promised, this experience was a whirlwind of knowledge; insight from the industry, and just crazy exciting. I never had so much fun in a workshop; I met wonderful people who I will network with from now on.

Monica Perez Teacher

Janet Armstrong

A fun and good introduction to the complexity of the film industry. Who would have known the depth of the business? Fletch & Chet have lived it and share their experience in this hands-on workshop. A must for anyone who teaches film or video.

Janet Armstrong Teacher

Tifney Kereny

Opportunity of a lifetime, film school like no other, I learned more in one week than I thought possible about the art of filmmaking. Highly recommend this experience to any educator wanting to take their programs to the next level.

Tifney Kereny Teacher

Lisa Keith

The Sneak On The Lot summer workshop was an unbelievable experience that every video production teacher should participate in. “It all starts with the script!” …and great producers!

Lisa Keith Teacher

Lisa Sylvester

Fletch & Chet showed how a film is constructed from an abstract idea to finished product.  I compare this to construction of a building.  This workshop showed, and allowed us to participate in every step of the construction.  As a teacher, I can truly appreciate what steps I need to teach my students. Preproduction is the foundation of a beautiful film.

Lisa Sylvester Teacher

Jennifer Ashley

This is a one-of-a-kind workshop that enables both teachers and students to observe, learn from and participate in a professional production. This is an opportunity to ask all of those…

Jennifer Ashley Teacher

Steve Swagerty

“Sneak On The Lot has created the ‘MICROSOFT OFFICE’ for film makers.”

Steve Swagerty Administrator

Ian Shorr

“Basically, Sneak On The Lot was like filmmaking boot-camp for me... those few months with Sneak On The Lot were as valuable as anything I learned in four years at USC.”

Ian Shorr Writer

Lee Clay

"You're getting experiences film school students don't even get."

Lee Clay Producer

Carol Goodson

"If filmmaking can get them interested in something they would never otherwise learn, we've done them a huge favor."

Carol Goodson Administrator

"Getting this experience while still in high school I found invaluable."

Jim Baker Student

Mary Ann Hess

"They'll be in class because they want to be in class.  They'll be learning because they see a purpose."

Mary Ann Hess Teacher

Alex McDowell

"The enormous advantage of being able to actually have access to people who wouldn't have time to come to the classroom... I think has to be invaluable."

Alex McDowell Production Designer

Martin Rayala

"Sneak On The Lot provided us the opportunity to bring the expertise of Hollywood filmmaking to our students."

Martin Rayala Administrator

Gerald R. Molen

Filmmaking is the most powerful form of communication and students need to be taught this visual language.  Sneak On The Lot does this, making education fun again. This website is gonna change the way Hollywood discovers talent.

Gerald R. Molen Producer

Debra Wycoff

"The total immersion in the process of filmmaking was a life changing experience. It has infused my passion for teaching this incredibly complex and all inclusive medium for artistic expression."

Debra Wycoff Teacher

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